The term “hypnosis” stands for altered states of consciousness or trance.

Although the Greek word “Hypnos” means sleep in German, hypnosis is rather a state between sleep and alertness. It is comparable to a dream-like state. Scientifically, in hypnosis we see similar patterns and frequencies in the brain, such as in REM sleep stage or as in the phase just before falling asleep in which we create creative images in our brains. The brain then emits the so-called low alpha waves (frequency between 8 and 10 hertz). This is exactly the condition that is usually achieved in hypnosis. In the area of delta and low theta waves (below 5.5 Hz) we are in deep sleep.



The REM stage is part of our normal sleep and occurs in dream and storage phase.

The hypnosis technique looks back on a very old story. Already in the earliest cultures these techniques of hypnosis and trance have been a natural part of healing rituals. For milennia they have been practised in meditation techniques and in yoga.

The hypnotic trance is primarily a dissolved, relaxed and fear-free State, which is associated with a changed self-perception with more imagination and creativity, as well as with an improved imagination.


We use hypnosis to support you to keep your normal, rational, evaluating and conscious thinking down to a minimum and to open up new ideas, behaviors and possibilities that can be stored directly in your subconscious mind. I compare this with a vessel filled to the brim. As it is filled with old programs, experiences and old habits, we cannot fill it with new things and ideas until we empty it first. We accompany all our hypnosis with the EEG in order to capture and initiate precisely the right moment for the suggestion.

Before each session we discuss acutal content and topics. In our type of hypnosis we work with pictures or videos we have created together. We want to use these sessions as a kind of view in your, and give you a taste of your possible new future in these sessions. The deeper and more intense you enter into these trance sessions, the stronger this new information is anchored in your subconscious.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney