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The Human Freuency Center Team


Testimonials and Experience

  • "I feel so different mentally. The best analogy is the interaction of muscles and movement. It's like trying to carry out the same movement as before, but with less muscle power but with an even better result."

  • "I have experienced changes through neurofeedback that I couldn’t believe that they are possible. Now, I feel a kind of "flow" at work. I'm in right here, have a quite focus on the task, but I feel also relaxed. It's fun and it runs by itself, without much effort."

  • "I always had great problems to talk in front of other people. I was afraid of questions and criticisms. Now I feel more safe and free in these situations. I also feel more flexible to respond to requests and switch with my focus."

  • "I don't know how to describe it, but I just feel better."

  • "The evaluation of the QEEG and the heart rate analysis has woken me up. I can and will do something for myself and my health."

  • "It's a way to improve almost everything by doing almost nothing."

  • "Meditation let me see that the world is bigger."

  • "I feel that I have more energy the whole day. I always had a restless feeling inside me, but now it´s gone and I feel more relaxed."

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