About Us

We are an international team of medical, therapeutic, energy and scientific professionals. In recent years, we have been organizers and members of a scientific brain research team, working together with one of the most well-known speakers and best-selling authors about transformation of body and mind, Dr. Joe Dispenza. During this time, while measuring thousands of individuals, we have been able to identify the data from the brain and body, and by cooperating with the team that confirmed even DNA transformations, we all together show great health benefits, as well as the progress in personal development, of meditation and other training methods.

The combination of millennia-old techniques and recent scientific measurements open up a whole new perspective on energetic processes that have been successfully around for thousands of years in many traditions, e.g. Traditional Chinese medicine. We are globally networked with the best and most successful people in this field and as we continue to collect data ourselves and exchange the data, the concept continues to evolve.

With these new technologies called QEEG, HRV, GDV, and BIA, we can now measure what’s going on in your brain, your whole body and your cells, when you’re resting, concentrating, relaxing, sleeping, or meditating. We receive direct and detailed information about the current physiological and energetic status and can compare these measurements with a huge database of people we’ve measured.

Based on our measurements, our knowledge, and our experience, we are guiding your therapy with precision, as well as coaching you how to guide your own body-mind work at home by yourself. With the possibility of checking your energy levels in our center, where we have been practicing this knowledge for many years.

Our work is to coach and lead the individuals and groups and teach them the techniques of measurements and the knowledge behind the therapy treatments during our workshops. After our workshop they can take this knowledge to their centers and help their own clients.
Our vision is to create a worldwide network of the human energy centers, which by working in coherence with us and our philosophy, gives a new possibility and ways of healing and self development.