Loreta Neurofeedback enables new therapy options

Through a sophisticated mathematic system, it is now possible to observe and train deep structures of the brain, such as the limbic system of the seat of emotions, with a LIVE EEG LORETA NEUROFEEDBACK. This opens up a whole new dimension in treatment for deppression, anxiety disorders or PTSD.
Loreta Neurofeedback (Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) is a measurement method used to source localize brain activity. It was developed in Zurich by Roberto Pascal Marti (Key Institute). In contrast to the normal surface neurofeedback, it is possible to measure signals in the depth of the brain by means of a special calculation method and thereby locate the source in 3-dimensional space. This effective measurement allows Loreta Neurofeedback to specifically train deeper structures, resulting in faster success. In this type of training, a complete EEG with 19 electrodes is always derived. This makes it possible to train different networks of our brain, to train connectivity of different areas, and to train power values ​​(too much or too little). Training basis forms an extensive comparison database with norm values ​​of all age groups.

So far there are only a few therapists in Germany offering this training method. It is considered to be trailblazing for the future of neurofeedback therapy.