Visualization Techniques

What are  visualization techniques?

What are visualization techniques?
Visualization techniques are a powerful tool to mentally adjust to a successful event such as to go through a difficult movement in the head in sports. Did you know that our brain does not make a difference, whether you really practice this process physically or only do the training mental. It has been found that in mental practice, the same brain areas are activated, which are also involved in the actual movement.


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 Erinnere Dich an Deine Zukunft

How do we use visualization techniques?

In order to make the visualization as effective and realistic as possible, we work in our visualizations on multimodal level. The use of all perception channels builds up a realistic and often indistinguishable image for the brain, activates the necessary areas in the brain and, if necessary, calls out the appropriate feelings for the situation. Thus it is possible for us to program our brain and our body, already for an upcoming positive event. The more we adjust to this successful situation and our mind (perception) and body (emotions) are convinced that this event has already occurred, the more likely it is that we radiate this and this event really occurs.

“You don´t bring into your life what you want, but what you really are and radiate.”