Self Development

Faster and more efficiently processing of information, increase of focus, more serenity and more resilience…All of this is possible with neurofeedback!

Various sports and fitness clubs around the world (such as the Norwegian Olympic Training Center,

Ernest & Young LLP and Top Executives of a Fortune 500 Healthcare Company) have been practicing neurofeedback for a long time – with continued success.

Unfortunately, many companies still haven ́t learned how to effectively promote and sustain the performance of their most important resource – humans themselves. In contrast to the military, the competitive sport and in the music – here there is already much more use of neurofeedback! At this time, the Americans and the Russians practice the most intensive research relative to neurofeedback. But also the University of Zurich (Tomas Ros) and Prof. John Gruzelier (London) can present leading research results.

What is self development?

People who accomplish high performance and are often successful have one thing in common: they have the ability to focus on what they want to achieve. The complete alignment and dedication to a clear goal leaves a clear signature of your future.

E = A – D


Energy =Awareness – distraction