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Therapy and medicine

The health sector is like a big shop, we step in and have an oversupply of different products. Almost everyone promises to be the best, to be particularly well tolerated and free of additives.

This offer makes us unsure and often we are overwhelmed by the decision what exactly is the right thing for us. How do I know what exactly I need?

I could test myself through the great offer and freely according to the motto, “trial and error” I will get my own experience. That would cause a lot of time, costs and possibly also complaints. In terms of the shop, I would say that not everyone can tolerate Indian food and in the field of medicine not everyone tolerates penicillin.

Since our entire team has been working for years in the therapeutic and medical field, we could already accumulate a lot of experience, knowledge, but also erroneous purchases. With this great wealth of knowledge, we wanted to tackle the challenge of finding a concept that will find out what you best tolerate at the beginning of therapy.

The last few years we were able to earn a lot of new knowledge and experience in energetic work and therapy. Since this was a relatively new shop, we had to explore the offer once again. Since we had the privilege to measure all processes and developments and thus to verify them, we were able to quickly convince ourselves of the possibilities and limitations and find that in most cases we set the limit ourselves. The greatest realization of this new form of medicine and all the measurements is that a large proportion, perhaps the greatest, lies in the change or the healing within ourselves. When we can see how something in our body or mind changes, it is no longer just imagination but reality. This enables us to prove ourselves that processes of change are taking place.
Many scientific studies on meditation, yoga hypnosis, neuro and biofeedback, EFT etc., especially from placebo research, confirm this over and over again.

“The body is not the problem. The problems arise from the fact that the body is programmed by an unhealthy center. The body has its own intelligence, and it is there to live in joy. But the body has been enslaved by emotions, thoughts and habits. Through our thinking, the body becomes the bearer of the subconscious. His programs run like the operating software of a computer. If the computer is turned on once, it does not help to yell at him and ask him to change. Now we have to care for the software itself. “

Quote: Dr. med. Joe Dispenza

Therefore, the scientifically based measurements are particularly important and take a large part in our treatment. Now, mysticism and esoteric get more and more evidence based and mainstream.

We want to show you what is really right for you. You can experience these changes live in your mind or body. See how you become the leader of your mind and body again, not how your mind and body commands you and keeps you trapped in the same neurobiological patterns and ways of thinking. Many of these and newly developed techniques such as neuromeditation or neurosuggestion EEG hypnosis are now being used successfully in our practices and institutes. More information can be found under TOOLS.

“Stress is one of the main causes of epigenetics changes, because it brings your body out of balance. Stress occurs in three variants: physical stress (trauma), chemical stress (poisoning), emotional stress (anxiety, worry, overworking …). Each variant of stress can trigger up to 1400 different chemical reactions in your body and produce more than 30 hormones and neurotransmitters. When this chemical cascade of stress hormones is triggered, your mind affects your body through the autonomic nervous system. “

Quote: Dr. med. Joe Dispenza

For example, neurofeedback is a technique that allows you to observe and influence the change in your brain activity in real time. Isn´t it remarkable that just by the power of thought, you can redirect your pain or increase or decrease your level of attention to an object or thought? Depending on the result and pattern of the pre-measurement (QEEG), we can approach your new challenge specifically and individually and put together an individual therapy program.

“Many of us tend to think the same thoughts over and over again, to develop the same feelings and to follow the same processes. We use the same neuronal patterns in our brain over and over again, which solidifies them. This is how thinking, feeling and behavior habits arise. “

Quote: Dr. med. Joe Dispenza

Another important point in our therapeutic offer, is to make you an “expert in your own cause”. The more you learn about physiological processes, anatomy, and relationships, the clearer and easier it is to find a solution and get rethinking processes going. For this purpose, we also offer the possibility of an internet conference with our therapist or our doctor Danijela Debelic to develop solutions or use these dates as a quick intervention.

“I decide myself how to respond to what is happening around me. When I change the interpretation of what I see, my genetic expression also changes. We are not victims of our genes, we are masters over our genetics. “
“The moment you change your perception, you rewrite your body’s biochemical reactions.”

Quote: Dr. med. Bruce Lipton

Since many of our clients and patients visit us from abroad, we also offer a customized home program. After a comprehensive initial assessment, consisting of measurements and assessment, you will receive a program and the necessary equipment (neurofeedback, biofeedback, heart rate variation training) with a corresponding briefing, web training and other individual homeopathic therapeutic tools. In regular investigations, the course is observed and possibly adapted and expanded. This allows a high degree of flexibility for the training frequency, training time and duration of training.