Systemic coaching

What are Systemisches Coaching?

Problem solving is a mental process in psychology
Nature and methods of systemic consulting:

In the systemic therapy or coaching we use the client’s independence and consider him as an “experts of his own life”. Based on the assumption that every person can develop their own solutions, we work with the available resources and competencies. Systemic consulting is based on the client’s concerns and wishes. We search for conditions, under which the client can activate his resources in order to reach his own individual solutions and goals as independently as possible and in a self-organized manner.

Systemic consultants focus their attention on the social network of the human being. Of particular importance is the origin family with their respective rules, roles, language and interaction patterns. These take a life-long influence on our own perception and the way in which other people and their behavior affect us. Due to the connection of the person and in order to be able to exploit additional perspectives and resources, friends and family of the client are involved in the consulting process.

Solution-oriented short-term therapy:

The systemic consulting was first used in therapy. Later, Steve de Shazer transferred systemic methods to consultations and developed the model of solution-oriented short-term therapy together with his wife Insoo Kim Berg. It does not discuss problems and their origin, but also looks at exceptions to problems and possible solutions. The key questions are: Under what conditions does the problem not occur? What is different then? What can the client achieve, that the conducive conditions become more frequent and the problem occurs accordingly less frequently? In this way, systemically minded and working people help their clients to find and develop solutions that each person carries in themselves.